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Anise Tea for Lactation

Anise tea is one of the oldest herbal teas known to man. Originally exclusive to the Mediterranean, anise has spread across the world, appreciated for its aroma and sweet licorice flavor. In the Middle East, anise tea is known as yansoon, and is a cultural favorite. Apart from being appreciated for its taste, yansoon is also used for its medicinal properties, and is most often given to new mothers to help promote breastfeeding.

The Benefits of Natural Breastfeeding

With the recent invention of baby formula, many people have begun to consider breastfeeding to be obsolete and unnecessary. However, there are many important benefits to breastfeeding that formula feeding cannot provide. Breastfeeding helps to form a special bond between mother and child. As researchers continue to see the importance of positive physical touch for both our emotional and physical health, it becomes clearer that frequent skin contact between mother and child is essential for healthy growth and development. Furthermore, breast milk is made using a variety of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are specifically formulated by the mother for their baby, helping to meet a variety of needs. It is also important for developing the child’s immune system. Breast milk contains beneficial bacteria and immune factors that help to protect the infant against local infectious agents and increase the baby’s resistance to infection. These factors help a newborn to grow in good health, and can reduce the risk of many future complications.

Anise Tea Supports Breastfeeding

Many new mothers have used anise tea to support nursing. Anise seed is known to contain an essential oil called anethole, which acts as a phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogens are plant compounds that are similar to estrogen in the body, and which the body uses in the same way as estrogen. This helps to stimulate various reproductive functions, including the production of breast milk. In this way, anise tea helps to increase lactation, allowing mothers to produce more and better feed their newborn.

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The soothing effect of anise tea are beneficial for promoting lactation and encouraging healthy breastfeeding.