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Anise Tea for Oral Health

Once exclusive to the hillsides of the Mediterranean, anise can now be found cultivated in warm climates around the world. Sometimes known by the name aniseed, the seeds of this plant are harvested for innumerable purposes, both culinary and commercial. Anise also has a long history of use for oral health, as its seeds have long been used as a natural breath freshener. Anise tea, which is also made from its seeds, offers not only this benefit, but many more.

The Importance of Oral Health

While we often think of our oral health separately from the rest of our body, oral health is far from separate. Just as some diseases can cause poor oral health conditions, poor oral hygiene can increase the risk of other diseases. Recent studies have shown that the bacteria found in our mouth can contribute to certain health problems. While most of these bacteria are harmless, if not controlled with thorough brushing and flossing, they may spread through the blood and lead to infection in other places in the body. Oral health also has an effect on your digestion and your body’s ability to derive nutrients, both directly through chewing food and indirectly via salivation. Pain from dental health issues such as cavities and gum disease can also cause stress, which can affect energy levels, focus, and many other health conditions.

Anise Tea Protects Oral Health

The natural benefits of anise tea can help to protect and promote good oral health. Anise tea contains a number of natural antiseptic properties, which help to eliminate bacterial infections. This is particularly effective for oral health, as the mouth is constantly filled with a vast amount of bacteria. The antiseptic effect of anise tea can help to keep the bacteria levels under control, and can act as a natural mouthwash. Anise tea may also help to ease the pain of a toothache, though it should not be used to substitute for actual dental care. Because of its pleasant aroma and licorice flavor, anise tea can also naturally freshen breath.

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Anise tea offers multiple benefits for protecting oral health, and can cleanse the mouth of bacteria and freshen breath naturally.